A Late Afternoon Introduction

Despite this blog being titled with the musings of the night, I find myself creating the first post in the late afternoon. In many ways, you could probably look into this slight fluke as a glimpse into my character – an extremely transitional thinker who is easily distracted, deeply introspective, and slightly stubborn. You could even say that I am superfluous in my words as well and I would have to say that you are partially right.

I suppose I have not formally introduced myself – you can call me Cila. It’s a common nickname of mine and I find it easier to respond to, especially via the internet. Pronounce it however you wish but if you are really interested in its “correct” annunciation: SILL-la. I hope I did that right.

I also suppose I could give a brief idea of what I might blog – life reflections, opinions, and just thoughtful musings on life, love, and all of those other major lessons.

I look forward to seeing your comments and opinions!


5 thoughts on “A Late Afternoon Introduction

  1. Yay, Cila! I’m so happy to see you on here. I hang on to every word, dear 🙂 Congratulations! I gave you a shoutout in my blog, because I’m pretty psyched about having you on here. Love you darling 🙂


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