Focus your focus

How my mind works in 183 words.

Concentrate…concentrate. No time to check the time. Wait, what is that noise? Papers shuffling? The whirring of the noisy air conditioner? No, focus. Focus. Look at the notes. What have you written down? Nothing. No, not nothing. There. See? It’s 5:39…now it’s 5:40. It was most definitely the air conditioner.

Okay, now focus again. Notes, notes, notes. Read them now. Autorhythmicity, spontaneous cycles of depolarization and depolarization in these tissues results in a rhythm independent of external stimuli. Oh look, there is a parenthesized word (automaticity). Focus. Excitability, characeristic is both good and bad. Why are they both? Oh right, shades of gray, not black and white. More specifically, they can transmit arrythmias and other abnormalities.

The clock, the clock. It calls to me. Stop it. Stop looking at the clock. Why do I get so distracted so easily? Oh, how I wish I could just be whisked away from all of this! Ah, my sketchbook…finally, I have an idea of something phenomenal – monumental even – to put on paper and I have to focus on my focus.

Okay, come on now: concentrate.


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