imageMeet Pincushion, my new study/laptop/reading buddy. My sister sent him to me as a small souvenir from a Japanese botanical garden she visited up in Oregon. He is an adorable wee thing!

So why, might you ask, is his name the term for the unfortunate inanimate object that holds sewing pins? When I first squealed in delight at his small size as well as his lovely plumage pattern, my younger sister was the first to ask what his purpose was since her gift had been a distinguishable keychain – a slightly larger blue rabbit made with the same material but a different pelt pattern. Baffled, I considered a few ideas – well, one actually – a minute hackey sack. My younger sister however proposed the horrifying idea that he was originally intended to be a pincushion; I felt even more betrayed when my mom started to agree. Fortunately for the little owl, he will not suffer such a fate. Despite having escaped that destiny, the term stuck; I’d like to think he is laughing at his original fate by taking up such a namesake.

Curiously enough, he seems to be quite protective of the rising stack of books I have yet to read. Goodwill pricing beats any kind of retail clearance pricing!


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