“Someone Like You”

I wrote this free-verse poem back at the beginning of February of this year. I started to remember what was going through my mind when my ex told me he was going to break up with me and I loved the idea of writing about the tears…
The day you stopped smiling
at me was just as delicious as
the day when you first did.

I remember when your sweet lips -
now sickly to taste
and uninviting to touch -
had sent shivers down my spine;
how they had broken out into a
genuine smile, warm and pure,
but now just as so
gave me chills -
those bleak, impersonal smiles
that used to affect me
now held differently in my heart.

I remember how your bright blue eyes
would gleam and become wet with emotion;
how I used to comfort you,
console you
with all that I had
to make the horrible things go away.

But when you cried now!
I'm sorry, please forgive me, 
it's for the best, it was inevitable.
So delicious and beautiful were you that
I almost didn't listen to your pleas -
I almost felt as if my heart would
explode and shatter into
tiny, shimmering pieces.

Those tears mesmerized me
more so than they did depress me,
running down your face, your cheek bones,
each drop seamlessly following
the next and the next
in a silent, knowing succession.

The ones that clung to your thick lashes
sparkled and danced,
like tiny diamonds, pure yet cold,
yearning to be free from their captors -
that I wondered how they must taste
coming from someone like you.

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