Where I Went

It just hit me very suddenly, the realization, and I thought of him. I know most of his flaws—there are still more to learn and understand, of course—but I don’t care. I want all of him, all of his refractions and transparencies, and sometimes it frightens me how I have never felt more sure about this…feeling. It is so intense and deep that it almost feels raw and naive. We were talking earlier today but I became pessimistic in nature—”one week is not enough compared to a year,” I murmured more to myself than to any one of us in particular—thinking of the time we would have to spend apart. It made me wonder if my feelings were truly genuine, which was a question that bothered me to even think about, because I so wanted it to be genuine yet I was terrified they already were. They were right to warn how unexpected it is, this feeling. Because it really does feel like falling.


One thought on “Where I Went

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