The Contemplation

“But what is our purpose in life?”

The pterodactyl’s reply came promptly, solemnly. “To bring delight to children who eat us.”

“I look like a stegosaurus…”

“Yes, yes, yes – and yet ‘we’re all made of chicken breast and bread crumbs.’ You’ve said this before!”

“Well, it begs the question: did the chicken come before us or did the egg?”

“…either way you say it, we were never first.”

The nugget dinosaurs slump even further into ketchup. They are minuscule philosophers, waiting on a white dinner plate with no choice but to accept their fate.

I stumbled across a blog with a “100 Word Flash Fiction” challenge and I figured that since I already wrote around 200 words per post, it would certainly be up my alley – and I was right! I’ll jot some down from time to time. They’re definitely more lighthearted compared to what I usually write… I sincerely hope someone will notice the play of words for the title.

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