rocky shores

You know that sensation you get when you’re feeling disconnected, neglected, and lonely? Yeah, that one. A defiance, to all of it. I am here and you are not yet it seems like only I feel this negativity in myself. It threatens to consume me until I am nothing but a void. It ebbs and pushes like the annoying rhythmic pattern of waves, ceaselessly crashing and crashing and crashing onto the shore that is my heart. It pulls on me so much that I actually start to push back at it, snarling at it to try again if it dares. Because I am disconnected, neglected, and lonely, I maniacally laugh at its continuous pounding. I am becoming defensive now, casting out my own line of provocation, yet simultaneously and ironically fighting it all the while. You’re ignoring me now, aren’t you? (He really isn’t.) Well, I can too.


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